December 24, 2021

Message: Hello WEI First of all I’m grateful to God almighty for this opportunity I have to find you (WEI) and learn a few things about you. You’re doing a great job. I’m JÉRÔME LOSEKE a Christian living in DRC.

I’ve got a deep need of improving my English and chiefly having an international diploma in English. But my happiness is wide in scope and depth to know that you’re a bunch of Christians working as volunteers just in order to help others.

May God bless you abundantly and richly until there will be no room for you to store the blessings from God. I can’t wait longer to have a teacher who will dedicate his time and energy for my goodness. I’ll do the same to others if I’ll stand that opportunity. Receive Christian greetings from your brother JÉRÔME LOSEKE. God bless you!


Jérôme Loseke


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