November 16, 2021

Good morning my World English Institute President.

How lucky am I to have a brother in Christ, like you? You have a kind heart and a good spirit, you can see the best in others, and it inspires them to see their potential too. You did not reject my request through my Special and heroine teacher Marlene Baker my gift from God through World English Institute.  I could not help but smile and reflect on the many blessings that I have been afforded. 
It would not have been possible for me to accomplish all my courses without my ideal teacher Marlene Baker encouragement. I saw the fruit of the Holy Spirit in her and made me become a Christian and English speaker. Finally, I could not afford this scholarship without your help. When I saw your free scholarship I said Glory be to God, because I knew that my dream will come true.  I was one of the people who don’t believe in the Bible because of a lack of knowledge, but after knowing the reality from scriptures and many pieces of evidence from witnesses of Jesus, I truly believe in Jesus Christ as my savior and live by faith.
Thanks a million to you and my teacher Marlene Baker who sacrificed herself in order to make me succeed.

From Venant Habimana, a Student in Burundi


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