March 1, 2020

Young Couple Baptized in India

On March 1, Prabhu Kumar reported that “Bro. Kishore is working [as a preacher and WEI teacher] at Gandigunta.  In that area, a young couple has been attending worship services for one year.  Now, they have both accepted the truth and have been baptized into the body of Christ.  

“For the baptism, we took them to the flowing canal at Chinaogirala village.  I baptized Mr. Sai and his wife in that canal.”

Prabhu Baptizes Sai Krishna into Christ

Sai Krishna and Maheswari fell in love and got married one year ago.  Prabhu says, “This love marriage was not accepted by Maheswari’s parentsSo with much agony, this couple attended worship and Bible classes together throughout the year and listened to the word of God with very much interest.  At the same time, God has blessed that young woman with pregnancy.  This has helped them to be stronger in the faith.  Finally, they both decided to be baptized in the flowing canal according to their wish.  Please pray for them.”

Prabhu Baptizes Maheswari


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