November 12, 2018

WEI Student Baptized in Haiti

Bob Patterson reports that David Gustave Riviere Cilus, one of his WEI students, has been baptized in Cap-Haitian, Haiti.  

Bob writes, “He has called me several times even when his phone was dead.  He uses his sister’s, his brother’s, and his friend’s phonesHe is now a member of the Cap-Haitian Church of Christ and is thrilled with his baptism.  

The preacher [in Cap-Haitian] asked David essential questions, and David had good answers.  He was baptized November 12, 2018, and is now attending worship at the church that is a 30-minute walk from his home.  His Mom is asking questions.  David has several sisters and brothers.  One of his sisters witnessed his new birth. 

David has studied with me since January 2018 and has completed the Advanced English and Bible courses.  He is prepared to share the truth with his family and friends.  He is asking for a Bible.”

R to L: David and the Preacher at Cap-Haitian, Haiti

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