February 16, 2021

Anthony Oben, a long-time WEI teacher and native of Cameroon, is now in Nigeria working with Aniefiok Akpan as part of the WEI International Digital Evangelism in Africa ministry.

Recently, Anthony made an evangelistic trip to the town of Akwaya in the troubled southwestern part of Cameroon. This area is covered by rain forests, mountains, and raging rivers making it inaccessible to ordinary vehicles.

Anthony writes, “The journey from Obudu, Nigeria to Akwaya took 6 hours on a motor bike and on foot through horrible roads. On the boundary between Nigeria and Cameroon, we had to cross the river in a canoe. I set out on Thursday, 1st April at 2:00 p.m. and arrived at 9:00 p.m.

“Our house-to-house evangelism was carried on for two days (on Friday and Saturday). We contacted two students who had been studying with WEI, and they were baptized”.

Anthony Baptizes Two WEI Students in Akwaya at Night

“I preached an open-air lesson on “Salvation,” and the results were great: 3 ladies and 4 men were baptized.”

Anthony Preaches in Open-Air at Akwayar

Akwaya is located in the English-speaking (Anglophone) section of Cameroon. This region has been ostracized by the French-speaking government because the Anglophone people have tried to secede from Cameroon and form an English-speaking nation.

Anthony writes, “Being an area affected by the Anglophone crisis, the people are living in extreme poverty: no health facilities, so many unwanted pregnancies among teenagers, constant harassment from militia fighting in the crisis. I have registered 50 persons interested in studying with WEI. I will be visiting again sometime next month.”

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