September 22, 2014

WEI Bears Fruit in Nigeria

Aniefiok Akpan, Director of WEI in Nigeria, is also the founding Principal of Rhema Academy outside of Uruk Otong. He also preaches for the Campus Church of Christ that meets at Rhema Academy.

Aniefiok writes, “I worshiped and preached at the Campus Church of Christ today. One precious soul, in response to the sermon, was baptized. Her name is Unwana James Okon. She was one of our high school students at Rhema Academy and one of the most serious WEI students we had before the high school was closed in December 2008. . . . We thank God that the seed of the gospel we planted in her before she left fell on good soil.”

On July 24, Aniefiok made a trip to Lagos and introduced WEI to three congregations—Mushin, Ikorodu, & Ikeja. On Sunday afternoon, July 27, he met with nine preachers from different congregations in Lagos. Aniefiok says, “None of them had heard about WEI before that meeting. They were so excited about the opportunity to use WEI to enhance their evangelistic campaign. All the preachers enrolled in the WEI study program and collected extra introductory lessons for their prospects. We have another WEI Seminar in Lagos on August 31.”

Praise God for the great work Aniefiok and Etang Akpan are doing in Nigeria.

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