March 28, 2019

Two Baptisms in Battambang, Cambodia

As we reported in our last WEI Update, Bill McDonough has initiated a church plant in Battambang, Cambodia, the second-largest city in the nation.  Joining Bill in this church plant are

Phanat Ouch and his wife.  On March 28, Phanat sent an email saying, “I am writing to inform you of the recent baptisms that we’ve had in Battambang.  

“The first person baptized is named Deoun.  She is sixteen years old and is from Siem Reap.  Her father is in prison, and her mother abandoned her when she remarried.  Her brother is involved with drugs, and the environment she was in was not healthy at all.  She was brought to Battambang to enroll in Project 412 (Ephesians 4:12), a new start-up work of the Lord’s church in Battambang where she learns the bakery and pastry from my wife, and Bible and English with WEI teachers.  After Bob Patterson’s Sunday morning lesson, Deoun wanted to put on Christ in baptism.  

“The second person’s name is Sarat.  He is from the Takeo Province, nine hours away from Battambang.  He, also, is a student of Project E412, and he has enjoyed the benefits of WEI.  

“I just wanted you to know a little bit about these two new Christians and how WEI played a vital role in their conversion.

Sarat, the Second Student Baptized in Battambang


We invite you to include WEI in your 2019 church budget. Please join us in a concerted effort to lead the whole world to Christ.

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