July 20, 2020

Twenty New Christians in PNG

Arthur Tatara, God’s WEI teacher and preacher in Papua New Guinea, reported July 20 that “In spite of COVID-19, I was invited last week to speak at a youth camp in a rural area, and I traveled with my youth and spoke at the camp.  Twenty people were baptized, and 10 restored back to the church.“

Twenty of these Young People Were Baptized.

Arthur is an effective teacher and evangelist.  Recently,  six congregations in Waria Valley (120 miles south of him) cooperated and invited him to come in December to preach a gospel meeting.  The problem is, Arthur and his family are barely surviving during the COVID-19 shutdown.  They are on the verge of starvation.  They can’t work, and they have almost no income.  

An airline ticket from Lae to Waria Valley costs $500.  Arthur is praying that God, in His providence, will somehow save his family and allow him to continue teaching WEI students and preaching the good news about Jesus.

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