July 22, 2015

Three Baptisms in Hungary

Five young adults from the Metro congregation in Gresham, Oregon (Matt & Kristen Caldwell, Donnie and Taylor Adams, and Jimmy Tucker), spent a month in Debrecen, Hungary this summer in a short-term mission.

On July 16, Kristen Caldwell wrote, “Good news from Debrecen! Two of our students, Frieda and Dóra, have decided to put Christ on in baptism. Jesus completely paved the way for this to happen.

“Dóra was my WEI student for two summers, and we have communicated often over the course of the years. Last summer, she was convicted of the fact that she needed to be baptized, but her personal relationships and the situation here in Debrecen prevented her from changing. This last week, Jimmy Tucker has studied with Dóra. She is committed to becoming a Christian, relies on God to overcome these stumbling blocks, and
put on Christ in baptism.

“Frieda is a student who has studied with both Gian Monzon and Taylor Adams off and on, over three years. Today, after many hard conversations and the breakdown of many personal barriers, Frieda is a new child of God! Praise Jesus!”

The very next day, Kristen sent another exciting e-mail saying, “Tonight, we had the honor of attending yet another baptism! A man named Zoltán who has been studying with me for three summers was baptized today by my husband Matt. This all came about over the last day or so as Zoltán realized that he needed to be fully obedient and follow the example of Christ. Praise God! He is a very kind and gentle soul. Please pray for our THREE new Christian family members: Dóra, Zoltán, and Frieda!”


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