May 30, 2014

Sixteen New Christians in Albania

Sadete Hoxha, WEI Secretary in Tirana, reports that four people were baptized into Christ in Tirana during the WEI campaign this summer—two of them in the Adriatic Sea, and the other two in the baptistery at the Tirana church building. It often takes several years of teaching to lead an Albanian to Christ. Here are some examples: Sara and Fjona Ismaili (sisters) were baptized in the Adriatic Sea west of Tirana.

Sara and Fjona started studying with Nancy Walker in the summer of 2008. Then, they continued each year with other teachers: La Don Weston, Bev Hives, Edna Roberts, Robert Harrell, Art Hitt, Brent Kelley, and Debbie Martin. Sara was baptized July 3; Fjona on July 31 Suela Pirushi and her husband Gentian Roqi started their lessons with WEI in the summer of 2012 with Crystal Buda. Since then, they have studied with Debbie Martin and Pam Bogdanovic. Suela was baptized on July 19. She, Genti, and their daughter Heige have attended worship regularly.

Ana Nini decided to put Christ on in baptism July 19. She started studying God’s Word in the Summer Session of 2009 with Crystal Buda. Since then, Edna Roberts, Debbie Martin, and Pam Bogdanovic have taught her.

At least one student was baptized in the city of Fier as a result of the summer campaign.

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