August 31, 2020

New Christians in Korça, Albania

On August 31, Albert and Jona Cepi wrote, “We want to share the amazing news with you.  Yesterday Kevin and Sara Xhemollari (brother and sister) decided to embrace Christ in baptism, causing rejoicing both in heaven and on earth.

“Kevin (21) and Sara (18) have been studying the WEI courses and the Bible with me for the last four years.  Kevin was the skeptical one, leaning more toward atheism, but thankfully he allowed God’s word to be planted in his heart, and God gave the increase.  Sara was a more serious student of the word and was progressively opening her heart to God.  She was praying and waiting for her brother to realize the truth.  Finally, Kevin approached me saying he believes in God and wants to be baptized.  It was then that Sara stepped forward saying that she too was ready to be baptized.“

Albert and Jona are now hoping to study with Kevin’s and Sara’s parents.

Kevi and Sara Are Baptized by Albert and Friend

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