August 4, 2018

New Brother in South Africa

Bob and Jan Towell write, “Rejoice with the angels in heaven and Gail Allen in Springfield, Tennessee.  Gail began teaching WEI three years ago because she wanted to offer it to some of her WBS students.  One student [Steve Miller], of Johannesburg, South Africa completed both Intermediate and Advanced courses and requested baptism.

“Machona Mohamane sent this today:  ‘The Gospel Chariot Ministry team, Dimpo, Machona, and Lazarus, went to visit Steve.  He was very excited and started telling us why we were there.  His mother made us coffee before we walked to the church building which is about a block away on the same street.”

Machona writes, “Steve Miller, who is Gail Allen’s WBS and WEI student, was baptized today at 1:00 pm South African time at the Tuffontein Church of Christ building, in the presence of a brother and sister who attend the congregation.  We introduced them to Steve and gave them the responsibility of maturing him.  We, also, who witnessed his baptism by Laz, will help him grow.”

Laz Buries Steve in the Waters of Baptism

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