September 3, 2015

Muslim Is Baptized in Somalia

Katheryn Haddad has taught more than 5,000 Muslim students in the Middle and the Far East. On September 14, Katheryn reported that one of her students in Somalia had been baptized into Christ.

Katheryn writes, “In the World Watch List of countries that are persecuting Christians, Somalia is number two, outranking Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.

“We shall call our Somalian ‘Adam’ for his own protection. He enrolled in WEI last June. He told his instructor that the teachers of Islam tell everyone over and over that Christianity is very bad, and no good Muslim will respect them. He said such teaching is in every sentence. “After a month, he had only completed three lessons. He said, ‘Sometimes it is very difficult for me to read or print the Bible lessons because in Somalia we share everything [computers, etc.], and if they know what I am reading, you can understand what can happen to me.’

Joanna concludes, “This experience has helped me to understand the Parable of the Sower so much better.  Many seeds were planted, but it took time for the plant to grow.”

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