May 20, 2017

Moses Born Again in Malawi

Joanna Martin Howard, an elementary school teacher and WEI Internet teacher tells an interesting story about Moses Kamwendo.  

In August 2015, Moses Kamwendo’s name appeared on the list of prospective students on the  WEI website, and Joanna claimed him as a student.    Joanna says, “Moses continued with his lessons, though there were times when he was not able to work on them.  He worked through the Intermediate lessons throughout 2016 and 2017.

“In March of this year, he started the Advanced Course.  He worked on the lessons about baptism throughout this spring.  In May, after completing the lesson on ‘The Purpose of Baptism,’ he came to the question, ‘What have you learned in this lesson?’  His answer was that he had learned he needed to be baptized to have his sins forgiven.

“That comment set in motion an amazing chain of events.  I emailed Jan Towell to see if we could find a Christian contact in his area.  In her nightly email message to the WEI teachers, she asked if anyone had contacts in Malawi.  Sallie Rose Hollis, from Louisiana, knew of a preacher in Malawi named Gift Makwinja.  Sallie sent Gift’s email address to Jan, and Jan notified Gift about Moses. The two men got in touch with each other and arranged to meet.  Gift’s home is about five hours away from Moses’ home, but Gift made the long journey and studied with Moses.  At the end of their study, Moses was baptized in the Mombeze River, almost three years after he started the WEI lessons. 

Moses Kamwendo Is Baptized by Gift Makwinja

Joanna concludes, “This experience has helped me to understand the Parable of the Sower so much better.  Many seeds were planted, but it took time for the plant to grow.”

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