January 30, 2020

Good News from the Philippines

The last issue of WEI Update contained a photograph of Edwin E. Vicente, a Filipino WEI student who had completed all the courses in the WEI Internet curriculum.  He was pictured smiling and holding up his WEI Diploma.  

When he learned that I had finished writing a thirteen-lesson book titled Blessed Assurance, he asked me to teach it to him by email since it had not yet been loaded onto the WEI teaching website.  

Recently, Edwin wrote, “I was never a spiritually committed person.  I am an artist committed to my craft as a ballet dance teacher.  I was raised as a Catholic by very religious parents in the Philippines, but I always found my way with dancing and never got acquainted with other religions.  My life, career, and thoughts were only devoted to dancing, and I always saw myself as an artist, and nothing but that.  Until I came to WEI.

“WEI opened uncharted doors to me.  Through my course with Dr. Ady, he referred me to Nations University, free from any tuition fee for earning a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree.  I never thought I would be entitled with this endeavor.  This new opportunity to earn additional credentials gave me time to reflect on all the decisions and experiences in my life.

“With perfect timing, on February 7, 2020, Mr. Steven Prime came to visit me in the Philippines to provide spiritual guidance.  It seems that God was giving me his ultimate sign and permission.  This freed me from all hesitations to shift from the religion of my youth to a more enlightened one.  I was baptized.

Edwin Is Baptized into Christ

“This shift in religion can be interpreted as my chance to change myself for the better.  I submit myself to Jesus Christ and his church.  This is such a blessing.  I am happy to renew my life.” 

Edwin is already considering the possibility of becoming a gospel preacher

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