March 4, 2018

God’s Dynamite Explodes in Nigeria

The apostle Paul wrote, “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes, first for the Jew, then for the Gentile” (Romans 1:16). In the original text, the Greek word that is translated as “power” is dynamite, from which our word “dynamite” is derived.
Those who have kept up with developments in Uruk Otong, Nigeria have seen evidence that the mighty, powerful hand of God is at work through Aniefiok Akpan and his fellow-workers at Rhema Christian Academy, the Campus Church of Christ, and World English Institute & School of Ministry (WEISOM). 
On March 4, Aniefiok virtually shouted, “We have amazing news to share with you. Our daughter Nancy aged 13, accepted Christ and was baptized at the Campus Church of Christ, Rhema Christian Academy, Uruk Otong, Nigeria, today, Sunday 4th March 2018. I will never forget the day I baptized my daughter into Christ.”

Aniefiok Baptizes His Daughter Nancy

A week later, March 12, Aniefiok wrote, “Our daughter Nancy has surprised us. Since her baptism last Sunday, she has been sharing her faith and her relationship with Christ with her schoolmates. We believe that her excitement has been a great encouragement to the three students who accepted Christ and were baptized today.

Prince, Idiongo, & Unwana Are Baptized into Christ

Aniefiok says, “Please join us to celebrate the new births of these three high school students, aged 13-15 years. They include two boys named Prince Israel Akpaneyen (13) and Idiongo Effiong Sunday (11), and a girl named Unwana Sunday Archibong (15). They are among the over 300 individuals who have benefited from the donated relief materials from the Searcy, Arkansas brethren. Please keep these new converts in your prayers. Their parents and siblings belong to different denominational groups. I personally took them to their homes and broke the news of their conversion to their parents. All their parents were so happy with the decision their children have made.”

On March 26, Aniefiok reported that an amazing 516 people had attended the WEISOM seminar the preceding day. Aniefiok wrote, “Twenty congregations of the Lord’s church were represented. Leaders and members of thirty-two different denominational churches were in attendance.”

Aniefiok Speaks to Overflow Crowd

“We have insufficient space to accommodate such a multitude of truth seekers. The overflow was just too much. A great number had to peep through the windows to see and to hear what was going on in the hall.” “The WEISOM ministry yielded a great harvest of seven souls yesterday. Our WEISOM student, Brother Iboro Dick Akpan baptized two souls in Inen Tsai Village yesterday morning. In the afternoon, five precious souls accepted Christ and were baptized during our WEISOM seminar– including two strong denominational pastors: Pastor David Peter Udior and his wife Lovett, and Pastor Emmanuel Etibeng.”

Aniefiok with Baptized Preachers and Preacher’s Wife

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