November 21, 2014

God Uses WEI in Indonesia

Steve Cate, a longtime missionary in Indonesia, tells how he and Christians in Indonesia are using WEI in their outreach ministry.
Steve writes, “Open proselytizing in Indonesia is illegal; but preaching the uncompromised Gospel from a “Christian” radio station is not. So using this medium allows us to make the Gospel available to 28 million souls in the greater metropolitan area for an hour each Sunday, and Daniel Setiabudi has a very good radio persona. We can freely teach anyone as long as they ask us to teach them, and almost all of our members have come to us through the radio program.”

Daniel, the Indonesian radio speaker writes, “Thank God that in 2002, I was invited to be the speaker on a radio program called ‘Suara Kasih’ aired over radio station Pelita Kasih and sponsored by World Radio. I continue to be filled with gratitude and joy because it gives me the opportunity to preach the Gospel everywhere without posing legal problems with the government or causing unrest in society.

“Because of the radio program, 2,243 people have asked for a correspondence course (World Bible School), while others call to ask for prayer, or advice in solving life’s problems.
“Later, we began using the Bible to teach English as a second language using material from World English Institute. Two hundred eighty-two radio listeners passed the course, and several have asked to be baptized. Our students came from several different religious groups. A new congregation was started from this effort and now numbers around 45 active members.”

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