March 19, 2019

God Opens Doors in Moldova

At the time of this writing, Tom Langley is in Moldova where he has hosted two Receptions for WEI Internet students, one reception in Chisinau, and the other in Comrat.  A team of four teachers associated with the Bear Valley International Bible Institute is now in Comrat teaching 32 enthusiastic students.  

Tom writes, “One couple (35 to 40 years of age) has great potential to become the lead couple of a future church.  They consider themselves Christians, but they are unchurched.  They are directors of a young adult center called the ‘Urban Center.’  

“The wife is a big WEI supporter and an avid student.  Her teacher is Lola Crouch. She absolutely loves Lola.” 

At the moment, Tom is teaching in the capital city.  He writes, “One of our WEI students here in Chisinau is a High School English teacher.  I’ve been studying the Bible with her and her son.  She has invited me to speak to her entire High School (approximately 200 students) about WEI and any other subject I choose.”

Tom just now reported, “I spoke to about 150 10th-12th graders at the High School yesterday.  It was very well received.  I told them about WEI and the Bible and several funny stories.  They all had a good time, and so did I.  Many signed up to be students afterward.  It was so much fun.”

Moldova Students
Tom Langley Speaks to High School Students in Chisina

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