March 24, 2018

Sister Dale Ogren has an Internet student named Johnny Kamara in Freetown, Sierra Leone who has completed all twenty-four WEI books from the Elementary course up through Living for Jesus.

Dale says, “Johnny was baptized on June 24, 2010, by his uncle, James S. Kamara, who is now a minister for the church of Christ in Gloucester Village. “Brother Johnny has a heart for children and has taken an orphan into his home. More than sixty orphans were identified in the area following August 27, 2017 floods and mudslides in and around Freetown.

“Johnny and his late wife operated a school for poor children, but that work ceased after her death. He has since remarried and has constructed and opened another school called JOHNNILIA NURSERY AND PREPARATORY SCHOOL. This school is located in Regent Village, a suburb of Freetown and the home of some of the world’s poorest people.”

The school was opened on Monday, the 18th of September 2017 following a prayer meeting on Sunday to which the public was invited.

Presently, the school has three teachers and thirty-five male and female students. Johnny is supporting the school out of his own resources derived from teaching at a nearby School of Geology.


We invite you to include WEI in your 2018 church budget. Please join us in a concerted effort to lead the whole world to Christ.

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