May 12, 2019

God Blesses Nigeria with Fruit

Aniefiok Akpan, the founder and director of Rhema Christian Academy, the preacher of the Campus Church of Christ in Uruk Otong, and the founder of World English Institute and School of Ministry (WEISOM) is being used by God to accomplish great things in southeastern Nigeria.

On May 12, 2019, Aniefiok wrote, “Our World English Institute & School of Ministry (WEISOM) and our area-wide evangelistic campaigns are yielding more harvests.  Since the commencement of the [WEISOM] program in December, over 30 individuals have been baptized into Christ by our WEISOM students in different locations across the community.

“Today, two ladies accepted Christ at our campus church.  We baptized them at our village stream several kilometers away.  The two converts are Edidiong Monday Moses and Hannah Mfonobong Etim.  Hannah is a married woman from the neighboring village.  She had studied and worshipped with us for six weeks before she gave her life to Jesus today.

Aniefiok Baptizes Hannah into Christ

On May 19, Aniefiok sent another email saying, “ A young boy of 11 years named Saviour Uduak Silas enrolled in our school in 2006.  Saviour stayed with us and learned from us for two years before the government closed down our school in December 2008 for lack of adequate accommodations.  Saviour was the best student in his class and excelled in all his WEI English and Bible lessons.  

“Two years ago, Saviour called me [from Port Harcourt] and told me he would be coming back home to be baptized at our campus church.  He returned home yesterday.  This morning, he worshiped with us at the campus church.  My sermon today centered on the story of the prodigal with emphasis on his decision to return to his father.  As the song of the invitation was sung, Saviour stood up boldly, confessed Christ as Lord, and requested baptism.  We baptized him into Christ at the village stream immediately after the worship service.  

You should have seen the smile on Saviour’s face, and the joy and inner peace, as he was resurrected with the Lord and walked out of the watery grave of baptism.”  

The seed planted in 2006 bore fruit in 2019.

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