March 5, 2020

Football Evangelism in Nigeria

Aniefiok Akpan, founder of Rhema Christian Academy, preacher for the Campus Church of Christ, organizer of the WEI School of Ministry, and founder of WEI International Digital Evangelism for Africa (WEI-IDEA) has now inaugurated a successful Football Evangelism ministry at Rhema Christian Academy.  

In his March 2020 Report, Aniefiok said, “We started the month of March with the registration of the teams participating in our World English Institute Grassroots Football Tournament.  A total of 12 football [soccer] teams representing 12 villages registered for the tournament.” 

One of the Twelve Football Teams

After two exciting games, the tournament was cut short by COVID-19.  Yet, God has a way of running around the devil’s roadblocks.  

The football tournament was cut short, but all of the football players have enrolled in WEI, and God is blessing the football ministry with fruit.  

Aniefiok writes, “On Sunday, 15th March 2020, Mr. Aniebiet Jacob Etukudo, the father of the Captain of [one of the] football teams, was baptized at our campus church.”

Aniebiet Jacob Etuukudo Is Baptizd into Christ

Aniefiok explains, “Aniebiet experienced the gospel in the Lord’s church the first time when he accepted our invitation to participate in the WEI  football conference early this year.  Since then, he has been studying and worshiping with us at the campus church.  Believe us, the football program will help bring more souls to Christ.” 

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