May 23, 2020

WEI-IDEA is an exciting new outreach ministry conceived by Aniefiok Akpan in Nigeria. The acronym WEI-IDEA stands for WEI International Digital Evangelism in Africa. The idea is to equip Africans to teach Africans throughout the continent of Africa using the WEI website.

Aniefiok says that the opportunity to study English and the Bible on the Internet, free of charge, is irresistible to Africans. The team of African teachers that he has recruited is required to study the entire WEI curriculum under the oversight of American Internet teachers.

One member of the team is Wabamba George, a gospel preacher from Uganda who is in Nigeria studying at the School of Biblical Studies. One of George’s Internet students is a brilliant man named Rogers Sunday who lives in Kampala.

After studying with George on the WEI website, Rogers Sunday wrote,

“I had never believed that the true Gospel of Christ and His Church was still existing. I thank God for the opportunity to lead me into such a wonderful truth.”

When Rogers Sunday requested baptism, George contacted Brother Nkem, the preacher of the Namwongo Church of Christ in Uganda, and Brother Nkem baptized Rogers Sunday in a local swimming pool.

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