June 15, 2020

Filipino Student Becomes Teacher

Edwin E. Vicente, noted ballet dance teacher in several schools in the Philippines, is now our brother in Christ.  A photo of his baptism was printed in our last newsletter.  In this issue, we feature him as a WEI graduate who is sharing what he learned with children, teenagers, and adults. He is proving to be a dedicated servant of Christ.

Edwin writes, “Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, I lost my job.  However, when my good friends, Mrs. Laila Pascua Sansano and her husband, Mr. Lito Sansano learned that I had finished an English course from WEI, they encouraged me to teach their daughter and other children.  When I hesitated, they told me that they would support me 100%.  

“I wrote to Dr. Richard N. Ady, Founder of WEI and my mentor, and asked if I would be allowed to teach kids in the Philippines as my teaching ministry.  I did not expect to be granted permission, but when my request was approved, people started helping me.  Mrs. Cita U. Garcia, one of the parents, helped me secure a barangay permit to conduct the class.  Also, Mrs. Laila P. Sansano, and Ms. Carol May L. Macusi, and Mrs. Mary Rose B. Estocapio volunteered to help me as coordinators. Ms. Elma M. Galinato volunteered to be my photographer, and she has taken dozens of pictures. 

Edwin Teaching WEI Students Outdoors

“Initially, I had five kids in the class, but when parents heard about it, they started sending their kids.  There was no recruitment.  It just happened.  Now, there are thirty children, young people, and adults in several classes.  Even though we do not have any financial assistance for study materials and teaching aids, the parents have provided.  

“I do not know if this is my calling, but I am willing to serve with the guidance of our Almighty Father and his Son, Jesus Christ.”

One of Edwin’s Youngest Students

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