January 4, 2019

Evangelist Imprisoned in Kenya

Our last newsletter contained an exciting  report from Brother Geoffrey Nyaboga along with a photo of ten people being baptized in western Kenya.  In this issue, the story continues to unfold.

Prayers Following Eleven More Baptisms in Kenya

Geoffrey writes, “Great news!  We had eleven more souls added to the Lord’s church.  Please, brethren, we request that you pray for us and the Lord’s work.  We are involved in a fight with antichrists.  

“We have been studying and preaching with the seventh day keepers. Eleven more people have obeyed the gospel.  The good news is that they welcomed us to their place of meeting, and they are no longer Sabbath keepers.  Now, they are members of the Lord’s church.  

I was arrested for no reason and taken to prison, falsely accused of misleading people by teaching them what was not found in the Bible.  When I reached the prison, no one was standing there to press charges.  I gave them my Bible and told them, ‘This is what I teach.’ They were surprised.  I preached there, and they finally released me.

“We know who these false teachers are.  We have received humiliation, hatred, mockery, discrimination, and jealousy from them.  These Antichrists are doing everything possible to make us fear them, but we only fear God, the one who can kill the body and the soul.”

Geoffrey concludes, “We have been baptizing many people, hence they are being added to the Lord’s church.  Now, we have set aside this month and next month, God willing, to keep teaching them to observe all that the Lord has commanded.  Still, these antichrists are like Satan, roaring like a lion, moving here and there, looking for God’s faithful servants.  But they will be defeated.  The Lord is with us, and if the Lord is with us, who can be against us?”

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