August 13, 2020

Doctor in Mid-East Forsakes Islam

Katheryn Haddad has taught more than 7,000 Muslim students since she became a WEI Internet teacher.  Here is her most recent article: 
Am I a Christian now?“
These are the first words he said after reporting to his WEI teacher that he had been baptized.  He was so proud!  His teacher, as she does for all her converts, gave him his new Christian name—Philip.

Philip enrolled in our English course during the COVID-19 pandemic this summer, deciding this was a good time to learn English.  He was curious about Christians too.  He told his teacher when she introduced herself, “Oh, dear teacher, Mum, I am so happy to receive that letter from you.  I can teach the Arabic purity soul about you.“ Philip is a young doctor who faced the problems of the pandemic in his country every day.  His country had closed down schools, suspended sports, closed businesses, and denied travel between provinces.  Still, cases continued to grow.  But Philip‘s studies with us gave him courage.

About two months into Dr. Philip‘s studies, and after being introduced to Jesus in his lessons, he wrote, “Jesus is the Spirit of God on earth, and we have to carry Jesus inside us and in our souls and doings.  He is the one chosen by God to represent him on earth.“  Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet, but that is all.

When he learned more he announced, “Jesus is the Son of God.  He had unlimited abilities as God.  He was divine from God.  He was an unnormal person with great gifts.  The light always wins.  Jesus was the light, hope, love, and peace that spread all over the world against the evil.

In the meantime, the economy of his country was collapsing, and the government opened up businesses again.  Cases grew and health care workers started to become infected.

Still, Dr. Philip found time for his English-Bible lessons.  Three months into his studies, he said, “Enlightenment that we all search about exists by following Jesus, the Son of God… We cannot separate from him.  He is life, light, knowledge.  God is Jesus being on earth.“

Two weeks later, he was baptized into Christ and wrote his teacher, “Am I a Christian now?“  Later he said, “Everyone should follow the light deep inside by believing in God and his plan on earth.  He is the truth, and he wants us to be pure and reborn again to a new holy life in his kingdom by baptism.“

Today, his country is reporting over 100 new cases a day.  Some hospitals are seeing panic with health workers making frantic calls to secure beds with ventilators for their patients.  The struggle has been compounded by a lack of protective equipment for medical professionals.  By the end of the summer, nearly 100 healthcare workers had died.

Our young Dr. Philip does not complain, but he knows he is being prayed for by Christians.  Let us keep young Dr. Philip in our prayers that he will survive this terrible time and will somehow be able to spread the light of Jesus to others, and somehow NOT be in danger for doing so.

Katheryn Haddad

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