July 23, 2019

Christian Camp in Albania

Over the past ten years, churches of Christ in Albania have organized summer camp sessions for kids, teens, and families in southern Albania by the Ionian Sea.

This year, God blessed us with three full weeks of dedicated, quality time with Christians and non-Christians from all over the country, and some even from the outside. Almost 330 people of all ages participated in this year’s camp. Several of them had not heard the Gospel at all before.  Some were baby Christians who came to Christ at this campground setting in previous years.  Others were Christians and church leaders who brought their families and friends from various congregations in Albania. What a tremendous blessing for everyone who witnessed God working daily through the lives of his precious people.     

One of the most exciting events of camp was to witness several individuals studying the word of God together throughout the day.  It’s been proven again and again during these ten years that camp has been an awesome evangelistic tool for leading people to Jesus. 

Bledi Valca Prepares to Baptize Camper

During these three weeks of camps, 14 precious souls confessed their faith in Jesus and were baptized for the forgiveness of their sins.  O Happy Day!  What a powerful and awesome testimony for all of us.  All glory and honor to God and our Lord Jesus Christ now and forever!

Lee and Jan Allen

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