August 15, 2014

Buddhists Come to Christ in Cambodia 

Julie Broyles spent her high school days in Southeast Asia during the 70’s while her parents were missionaries in Thailand.  Now, she is a missionary in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Julie is the director of BEST Center (Bible English Study and Training Center) where dozens of Khmer students come to study WEI lessons Monday through Friday year-around.  Teachers from America come and go throughout the year.  These teachers live, eat, and teach at the Center, usually one month at a time.  More teachers are needed.  Khmer Christians help with the teaching, and dormitory space is provided at the center for some university students.

Dozens of Buddhists have come to Christ at BEST Center during the past few years.  BEST Center students worship with the local Khmer congregation, and they meet for worship and fellowship at the BEST Center several times a week.  Some of them continue their studies at the nearby SIBI preacher training school that is directed by Julie’s brother-in-law, Rich Dolan.  Some of these preachers-in-training travel to nearby villages on weekends to preach and plant churches. 

Two Khmer Buddhists have been baptized at BEST Center since our last newsletter went to press.   In her May 6 blog, Julie wrote, “Add Vin Theary to those being saved!  Praise God!  It’s such a thrill to see a little soul snatched from Satan!  

“Vin Theary came to live in the dorm here last October.  I have seen her many times out on the balcony at 5:30 or 6:00 a.m. reading her Bible.  Awy [the BEST Center cook] currently teaches her during the day.  Sreyleak [BEST Center secretary] taught her a few months while Awy was away from the center after the birth of her baby.  Now, Try [the local Khmer preacher who helps teach at BEST] teaches her Bible/English during the day.  Dara [one of BEST’s supervisors] teaches all the dorm kids in the evenings M-W each week.  So exciting!”

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