August 23, 2019

Blind Man Baptized in India

On August 23, Prabhu Kumar, the Director of WEI-India, wrote the following email–which has been edited to make it flow more smoothly for our American readers.  

On the 14th of this month, I traveled to Samalkot to participate in a baptismal service that was conducted by Brother Paul Krishna.  This was really a special event in the history of WEI-India.

“A man, blind from birth, has attended our WEI classes for six months.  He has also attended church worship services and Bible classes very sincerely.  His name is Satish, and he is an employee of the local high school in Kakinada.  His partially-blind wife is a government employee.  This amazing couple has two daughters.

Bro. Paul Krishna (left) Baptizes Satish into Christ

“After hearing the word of God with great interest and clearing up all his doubts with our local preacher/WEI teacher, Bro. Paul Krishna, Satish was baptized into Christ on August 14th, showing his obedience to the word of God.”

Prabhu traveled nearly 450 kilometers to interview Satish.  During the interview, Satish revealed that he was thirty-nine years old and had been attending different churches for fifteen years searching for a church that followed the Bible, observed the Lord’s Supper, and exalted Jesus Christ.  Again and again, he had been disappointed by “made-made traditions,” “group politics,” and efforts to “satisfy men.”   

Satish said, “In this church, Christ’s name appeared, and Bro. Paul Krishna made clear all my doubts, one by one.  So I made a decision to be baptized.  Thanks to Bro. Paul Krishna for baptizing me; and a salute to all of you.” 

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