January 22, 2015

Another Muslim Becomes Christian

Silas (not his real name) was baptized in secret in his locked bathroom in the Middle East after deciding to leave Islam and embrace Jesus Christ.

When he first enrolled in WEI while a university student in his country, he thought the course would be “useful for understanding English and learn about Bible.” However, he continued to defend Islam and the Qur’an in several of his lessons. “The Qur’an teaches God created man so he would have someone to worship him, while the Bible says he created us to have people to love.” Silas decided both were true. He said, “I have faithful both Qur’an and Bible.”

He told his teacher, “I was knowing that Christians believe in three Gods, and God has two partners” (God, Jesus, and Mary). Silas’s teacher explained that Muslims are told several things about Christians that are not true, and he would discover the truth as he progressed through the lessons. He replied, “I feel happiness when I saw your comment.”

After being a student for a month, he finally believed that humans can be children of God and not slaves as the Qur’an teaches. After two months, he said he learned that the prophesied King “is from David’s descendants and will suffer from torture. . . . I hope to read about him later.”

Finally, after three months, he concluded, the big truth of what Isaiah said about Christ before 700 years, every adjective he said about Christ was exactly the same as he said. The Christ, the Son of God.” Later he said, “Sunday is a special day for  Christians [Muslims worship on Friday]. Christ will be with them always, even the end of the world. I hope to be one of them.”
At the beginning of the fourth month of study, he said that people are saved “by changing our hearts and lives and being baptized. I hope to do that. But I fear my country if the officials know what I am doing.”

His teacher sends him the weekly worship guide that she sends to isolated students throughout the world. Each worship guide contains a short lesson, guides to prayer, and the Lord’s Supper and giving. For songs, she gives short Bible verses to be whispered as chants.

After his baptism, Silas said, “Can I continue learning from WEI? I hope to receive your worship guides.” Many other Muslim students have come to believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. They have a deep affection for Jesus but they hesitate to risk their lives by converting.

One student wrote the following to his Internet teacher: “Of course, you will keep it secret that I love this religion, keeping in view the present extreme in my country from Muslims. Time will come when I will join you.”

May God hasten the day when all men and women everywhere bow before Jesus and confess him as Lord.

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