September 18, 2019

Afghan Muslim Baptized in Indonesia

Katheryn Haddad, a WEI Internet teacher, has taught more than 5,000 Muslims via the WEI teaching website.  Some, at the risk of their lives, have become Christians.  

In an email dated 9/18/2019, Katheryn wrote, “I have another Muslim convert.  It took nearly two years.  I will send pictures.”

In addition to pictures, Katheryn sent a series of emails from her student.  By reading these emails from earliest to latest, we can follow the gradual changes being made in her student’s thinking as he studied the WEI lessons.  Muslim converts often follow a similar path.  

November 2017:  “My name is Mustafa from Afghanistan.  I have been living in Indonesia since November 2014. I was curious about WEI which I heard about from my [Muslim] friends.  The material in this course is new to me.  The Bible lessons are very interesting.  I am interested to know about other people’s cultures and beliefs.”

May 2018:  “Actually, some of these stories are unimaginable for me, like Moses saw a burning bush and saw God in the bush.  We have such stories in Islam as well, which are unbelievable.   I am a faithless person and cannot believe easily.”

April 2019:  “I do not believe in miracles, because I have never seen it.  The question is why, in this era, is there not any prophet who does miracles and heal people from viruses, disease, or blindness?  A lot of things that happened in the past are now questionable.”

May 2019:  “I learned that all of our actions will be counted in the end of the world.  We are responsible for what we did.  Jesus was sent from heaven to show people how to live under God’s rule.  I hope that someday, I can do what God asked me to do.  Nowadays I am totally defeated by Satan.”

June 2019:  “Jesus returned to the Father and sat on the right hand of God!  It means we have two Gods–Father and Son.  Right?  What is the difference between Muslim’s God and yours?  You believe you can see God on doomsday, but Muslims believe you cannot see God.”

July 2019:  “When we are baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, God will forgive our sins.  Would you mind giving me the address of your preacher in Pekanbaru, Indonesia?  I have decided to be baptized, but confidentially. My roommates are all Muslims, and if they know, life would be more difficult.  This lesson is amazing and caused me to write my opinion about it.  Trusting God is something worthy which needs to be considered.  God tugs on my heart, but my old belief is stronger.”

August 2019:  “I learned what is baptism, and what is the meaning of it, how people do it, and what is the importance of it.  I am happy to know it all. God does work on me.  I am sure about it.”

September 2019:  “I have been baptized by the preacher you introduced to me two weeks ago.  God works in us to change us and make us good.  God wants us to be like him.  I hope God helps me change, little by little.  I hope I can be a good person after this.”

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