July 4, 2018

A Harvest in Papua New Guinea

In his first World English Institute-Papua New Guinea newsletter, Brother Arthur Tatara reported, “On June 26 to July 6, I traveled to Waria Valley and Menyama with a mission team from Australia and New Zealand.  We spent seven days in Waria Valley and three days in Menyama. We baptized 22 people into Christ, and 50 plus people were restored back to the church.  Waria is my home village where the church is located.”

You can read about this mission effort in the current edition of The Christian Chronicle: “Amid breathtaking mountain scenery, thick jungle brush, and raging rivers, 22 souls gave their lives to Christ through baptism in Papua New Guinea. The baptisms were the result of a gospel campaign by local Christians along with missionaries from Australia and New Zealand.  Each convert received a Bible and a songbook in their native language. It was a mission in ‘incredible, remote places” among ‘amazing loving people.’”  

One of the 22 Baptisms During the Campaign
Arthur Tatara with Missionaries and Converts

Following this mission, Arthur returned to his current home in Lae to serve as an instructor at the Melanesian Bible College and to teach WEI classes in two public high schools.  

Thanks to the generous contribution of Arthur Allen (a member of the Metro congregation in Gresham, Oregon), Arthur Katara has been able to give Bibles to 152 people in Lae City this year.  Many high school students have come to faith and are ready for baptism, but their parents object.  

Arthur’s first WEI graduation ceremony is scheduled in December, and he is appealing for funds to make this ceremony special for the WEI students and their parents.  Nicely-printed certificates, simple gifts, and refreshments could help soften parental objections, open the door for Jesus, enable students to be born again of water and the Spirit, and lead them up the narrow road that leads to life (Matthew 7:13-14).  If you would like to help make this happen, please contact me at weiady@aol.com or write to the Gresham office. 

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