September 1, 2019

2019 European Vision Workshop

Along with Sunset International Bible Institute and Partners in Progress, World English Institute was one of three sponsors for the European Vision Workshop this year in Bratislava, Slovakia. 

The workshop was attended by church leaders from 19 different countries, not only from Europe but also from Cambodia and Trinidad.

Church Leaders Who Attended the Workshop

World English Institute has been an effective Bible teaching tool in most of these countries, with representatives present at this workshop.  Bledi Valca, from Tirana, Albania, did a fantastic job of sharing his personal WEI testimony and how the WEI tool has been responsible for planting and growing nearly every thriving church in Albania. As a result, many of the mission sites in Europe and Trinidad have requested a partnership with WEI.  Most of these mission sites were especially interested in having their cities targeted with WEI Google student advertising, creating hundreds of Internet Bible students who can then be invited to a WEI reception and to study the Bible with teachers one-to-one.  These Bible students will then be given a welcoming introduction to the Lord’s church in their cities.

We are grateful to God for opportunities such as this.  Targeted Google advertising is not cheap, and most mission sites do not have the funds to purchase these monthly ads.  We desperately want to provide our partnering mission sites with Internet Bible student contacts by advertising for them.  Please keep these opportunities in your prayers and thoughts.  Based on past results, $150 a month will start hundreds of new students reading the Bible in these specific cities.    

We love and appreciate all of our supporters. Without your prayers and support, WEI would not be able to “go into all the world.”

Tom and Angie Langley

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