December 26, 2022

Dick, one of my students just sent me a message with lots of imoges on it. He has just been hired to teach English and music at the International school in Havana, Cuba. He gives lots of credit where it is deserved, first to God and then to WEI. It is his first teaching experience, and he is a nervous wreck. Reminds me of my first year.


Vicki Murphy


Testimony from Lee Allen’s student, Vanessa

Dear teacher Lee Allen, I am grateful to God for...

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Testimony from Murray Stewart about his WEI student’s baptism

Each time I scroll through the list of WEI students...

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Simon Gatluak Bol

Message: It’s very fantastic courses from the words English Institute...

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“Since I started learning about God’s characters, God’s forgiveness and...

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Dr. Sreepati Das

Dear Sir,I got the fourth certificate from you. I am...

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