February 10, 2023

Each time I scroll through the list of WEI students looking for a teacher, I always choose a student that I may have a connection to eventually.  I may be going to their country or know someone who is. Our dream is to teach Jesus and baptize into Christ as many as we can while we are on this earth. Oh yes, and teach English.

Each time I click on a “choose student,” I stop for just a minute and say a little prayer. LORD help me reach this person with the Gospel using WEI. If we stick to it long enough the Holy Spirit will move in a soft heart of one of our students. My student completed every single coursework and when she was completely finished and had every diploma she could get, I ask her, “Are you ready to be baptized into Christ and added by God to his church?” Her answer was yes, I would like that very much.

I have a friend that knows missionaries and preachers in the Philippines and with only 2 or 3 days of communication they found my student and baptized her into the LORD.  Stick it out WEI teachers!! You never know what the Holy Spirit is going to bring to you. Pray for your students!!!


Testimony from Murray Stewart about his WEI student’s baptism


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