September 12, 2023

Good morning

I would like to express my gratitude to WEI and all staffs for your kindness, patience and sacrifices to mold and guide a students like me for our desires to learn english language.

My learning in this lessons enhance my knowledge on how to construct a sentence needed to make a paragraph and to be able to communicate in english language. At the same time gave me a deeper understanding about spiritual things. Also the idiomatic expressions help me to understand the meaning of the words being said. This lessons help me a lot.

Thank you for all your efforts and sacrifices. The method you use to reach out the whole world to do good just to do the will of the Lord. I know you cannot do all of these without God intervention. May the Lord God Almighty bless you more and more.


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Ivory Coast Student

Thank you so much for the certificate. I am proud...

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Sandra from Uganda (Dick Towell’s student)

I strongly feel God has been working on me. Being...

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A student from Brazil

“This lesson is full of truth and love. I was...

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