September 1, 2022

Thank you so much world English Institute, for what you’re doing to the world you’re not only offering a free course , however you’re contributing to the Hunan’s development I thank God to give me this wonderful opportunity to study with you, because I have learned so much from you ,and I continue to learn now I am in advanced level till I search my goal in English, of course God will, I thank you all with your teams and much thanks to my particular teacher ,for his time he always corrects me ,and response to my message may God help you, God blessed you.


Testimony from a Muslim student.


Sandra from Uganda (Dick Towell’s student)

I strongly feel God has been working on me. Being...

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A student from Brazil

“This lesson is full of truth and love. I was...

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Testimony from El Nora

Good morning I would like to express my gratitude to...

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Another Student Testimony

Message from student to his teacher… I want to thank...

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Testimonial from Satyam Babu Tangirala

World English Institute is amazing, really I praise God and...

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