January 23, 2023

“Since I started learning about God’s characters, God’s forgiveness and love, my mind has totally and definitely changed, — those studies about God have changed the way I used to see life. And today I’m totally a different person comparing to the person I was yesterday, because I have forgiven all those who did wrong to me, I’m not afraid of life challenges and others. That’s God’s power.”




Sandra from Uganda (Dick Towell’s student)

I strongly feel God has been working on me. Being...

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A student from Brazil

“This lesson is full of truth and love. I was...

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Testimony from El Nora

Good morning I would like to express my gratitude to...

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Another Student Testimony

Message from student to his teacher… I want to thank...

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Testimonial from Satyam Babu Tangirala

World English Institute is amazing, really I praise God and...

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