December 25, 2022

Message: Although I am 90 years of age, I have a lingering fondness for learning English… I am a citizen of Taiwan and can use a computer . If my quality fits your criteria Please make me enroll. Thank you very much Chen.

I do believe this is the oldest student we’ve ever had register on our website, and perhaps the oldest student to take our course, either online or in person.  Angie registered her.  It’s amazing to think that our course is relevant and helpful to people from pre-teens to nonagenarians.

Dick, do you know of an older WEI student?  Of course, from your perspective Dick, she’s just a young whipper snapper.  😀  The Lord has certainly blessed you with such good health and long life.   We thank the Lord!  As the Romanians say, “Multi ani traiasca.”  May you live many years more.


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