January 23, 2023

Dear Sir,
I got the fourth certificate from you. I am a Hindu. I didn’t know anything about Christianity. When I came to your website to learn English, you are patiently explaining the essence of this religion in detail and in clear English language. Knowing many deep theories and information of your religion, I developed my self-esteem and awakened respect for this religion. By studying this religion, I came to know that the great Jesus was born for the benefit of humanity, and I had the opportunity to know more about his teachings, his sacrifice and resurrection. In the hearts of all of us or together with God wherever He is, I bow to Him thousands upon thousands of times. His teachings are still radiant and everlasting all over the world. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to your founders, current authorities, all the teachers and all the members of the entire team for your tireless work in carrying out the work of righteous inheritance inspired by the teachings of the Lord Jesus. I am concluding by praying that the Holy Spirit of God will always be awake in the hearts of all of you.
Humble petitioner,
Dr. Sreepati Das

On Fri, May 27, 20


Dr. Sreepati Das


Sofia, student in Lviv, Ukraine

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