September 12, 2023

Message from student to his teacher…

I want to thank God, and I want to express my thanks to you for providing me with the sets of lessons so that I could do them on time. I love these lessons. Honestly, I would do them again and again, and I don’t think I would get tired of them; it’s a wonderful study. 

I don’t know why I didn’t find WEI before. I came across your website a few times, but somehow, I didn’t dare register myself. Anyway, I’m happy it has happened, and now we can enjoy this spiritual communication.

I hope your trip is getting well. I really want you to arrive home already, and have some rest after a long ride in the car. After I left JWs, I thought I would never take up any Bible study, but I’m happy I did. 

We need God, and we need his Son, and the Holy Spirit in our lives, and I’m happy to have understood that. I was hurt in that religion, and I guess that’s why I did not want to have anything in common with preaching and teaching about God because I’ve seen so much hypocrisy all around. 

Well, whatever it is, I know I’m on the right track, and I thank God for sending you to me. It’s definitely the work of God’s Holy Spirit.


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