December 5, 2020

WEI Student Baptized in So. Sudan

Approximately one year ago, Aniefiok launched a continent-wide evangelist ministry called World English Institute International Digital Evangelism for Africa (WEI-IDEA).  His vision was to train Africans to teach Africans using the WEI website and the Internet.  The WEI board approved his plan on the condition that all potential African teachers study the WEI courses online under the direction of highly qualified American teachers.  

Several of the prospective teachers that Aniefiok chose had already been teaching the WEI courses locally and were familiar with the materials, so WEI-IDEA was launched quickly.

In his January 5th report, Aniefiok wrote, “One WEI student in South Sudan, Mawien Piol, accepted Christ and was baptized during the last week of December, 2020.  WEI-IDEA is bearing fruit to God’s glory.”

Obed Anthony, Mawien Piol’s WEI-IDEA teacher, gives more details about his student.  “Mayen Mawien Piol registered as a student with WEI in February 2020.  He lives in Juba, South Sudan.  He promptly submitted his assignments and requested the next. He became inquisitive when he got to the studies on baptism when I told him, ‘Baptism is the only way to enter Christ, and it is by immersion.’

“After defending his beliefs about baptism, he resorted to excuses that there was no one to baptize him, then later that the water was too far.

“I kept encouraging him and admonishing him until he finally decided to be baptized in October 2020.  Our greatest problem was how to get someone to baptize him.  Finally, a student of Terry Hickerson linked up with him and got him baptized December 2020.” 

Mayes Mawien Piol Is Baptized in Juba, South Sudan

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