October 18, 2020

New Church Plant in Uganda

Shortly after claiming over 4,000 WEI students, Jim Wagner decided to take a break from teaching online.  Then, he decided to claim just a few more.  He claimed 13 students because 13 has been a special number of his for years.  One of the 13 new students was from Uganda, a country where he had had great success working with another WEI student.  

Jim Wagner, a former elder at Maryville Church of Christ, TN, refers to his student as Joseph.  Joseph loved the Bible lessons so much that he started studying these same WEI Bible lessons with 30 other people in a group meeting in his home.  He is a farmer and has a large family.  Some members of his family were a part of this group along with other individuals in this farming community.

In March 2020 Joseph wrote to Jim and said he and 20 others from this group wanted to be baptized and become Christians. 


At this time, the coronavirus hit Uganda, and the government imposed extreme lock down measures on its citizens.  It was nearly impossible to find an evangelist able to legally go to this township and study with these individuals, but Jim continued sending WEI lessons online, and Joseph continued sharing these Bible lessons with the group.  

Finally, a church of Christ evangelist from Uganda named Mubiru Samson was able to travel and meet this group of 30.  From his meetings and his discussions with them, 23 people were baptized into Christ on Sunday, October 18, 2020.

A New Sister in Christ

Jim recommended that they continue meeting and worshiping in Joseph’s home. Every Sunday they now are gathering for worship and Bible study in this new brother’s home.

A New Congregation

A new bride of Christ is meeting in Uganda as a result of studying the Bible through the WEI lessons.  Praise God for good soil and for great WEI Bible teachers like Jim Wagner!

Editor’s Note:  The preceding article, and the next two articles, were written by WEI President, Tom Langley.  Thanks, Tom.

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