August 14, 2020

Joseph Kaipumoh in Sierra Leone

Joseph Hindolo Moses Kaipumoh, a resident of Bo, Sierra Leone, started working with Chuck and Cathy in 2013.  He immediately proved himself to be a hard-working evangelist and a  capable organizer. 

Joseph Baptizes WEI Student, Robert Mboma

In addition to teaching WEI students and recruiting postal students for Cathy and Chuck, Joseph follows up on students who come to faith and want to be baptized. Many of these students live in rural villages where there is no Internet service and where residents are often illiterate.  Joseph teaches them by translating the WEI Bible lessons into the local language.  He has baptized numerous WEI students in ponds, lakes, rivers, and irrigation canals.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Joseph and local Christians have distributed bags of food to hungry villagers who are facing starvation.  

Giving Food to the Hungry

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