June 30, 2021

Can you believe it?  God has used WEI and WBS to plant another church in Uganda during the past three months—in the village of Buyende.

After teaching Jackson Mayanja the WBS materials, Mary McKinney began teaching him the WEI lessons in November 2019

Mary McKinney with Her Late Cat, Hobo

Jackson is married with children and teaches seventy-six pupils at Redlands Primary School in Buyende.

As Mary and Jackson studied together, his knowledge of English and the Bible improved greatly. She noticed that Jackson was eager to serve the Lord, so she contacted Isaac Sanyu, a dedicated WBS follow-up man in Kampala, and asked him to visit Jackson. Isaac drove ten hours, from Kampala to Buyende, to make the initial contact.

Jackson Mayanja

After studying with Mary further, Jackson decided to be baptized, so Isaac and two brothers from Jina drove a Gospel Chariot vehicle to Buyende. When they arrived, no one but Jackson wanted to be baptized. Members of the church for which he preached had been warned by outsiders that they would die in the water. To prove otherwise, Jackson set a good example. When he came up out of the water alive and smiling, everybody’s fears disappeared, and twenty-nine members of the congregation, including his wife, Rita, were born again of water and the Spirit.

Jackson wrote, “People here believe a lot in witchcraft and sacrifices. Glory to God that I was the first person to be baptized. It relieved people’s hearts. Many had been told that the moment one is immersed, he will die immediately as a sacrifice to the vehicle. Now, everyone was silent. I pray that God will continue changing this village.”

Jackson (in orange) Is Ready to Be Baptized by Isaac

Today, there is a new congregation of thirty members in Buyende. Mary writes, “Many left when he removed instrumental music and began New Testament worship. Now they are coming back.”

Jackson is eager to establish a relationship with the new congregation in Kamuli Municipality that we described in our last WEI newsletter. Amazingly, the two congregations are only 16 miles apart.

Praise God for Jackson and the new congregation, Isaac Sanyu, WBS, the Gospel Chariot, Mary McKenney, and the other WEI teachers who are sharing their faith with others.

It is inspiring to watch God work. He can use you to spread the Good News around the world.

Editor’s Note:

The preceding article, and the next two articles, were written by WEI President, Tom Langley. Thanks, Tom.

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